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  1. Minnie Mouse 2-Piece Interchangeable Bow Headband - 3-Piece Disney Princess Tags Necklace

    $ 19.99

    Bring the magic of Disney to your daughters everyday life with this adorable Disney Junior Minnie Mouse Interchangeable Headband Ears and 3-Piece Princess Tag Necklace. Let her choose which bows she wants to wear to match her mood! Your two...
  2. Disney Princess Dog Tag's Necklace and Heart Shaped Frozen Rings

    $ 14.99

    These Disney Princess items are perfectly suited for dress-up and playtime. Included are Princess Belle, Cinderella, and Ariel tags that pair with an easy clasp necklace. Her 4 heart shaped Frozen rings also includes Elsa, Anna, both sisters together, and...
  3. Disney Frozen Plush Backpack

    $ 29.99

    Disney Frozen Plush Backpack   
  4. Disney Finding Dory Backpack Lunch Bag and Bottle

    $ 30.00

    Finding Dory Backpack with Detachable Lunch Box, and Water Bottle with Snack Compartment Disney Pixar's Finding Dory Backpack for School Set Includes: 1 Disney Finding Dory Backpack, 1 Detachable / Alunchable Disney's Finding Nemo Lunch Bag, 1 Disney Pixar's Finding...
  5. Disney Frozen Kids Foam Table and Chair Set

    $ 44.99

    This Disney Frozen foam table and chair is a perfect place to eat, color, play, or study. The table features an Anna and Elsa theme and makes for a great gift idea! This toddler table comes with a pull out...
  6. Disney Frozen Olaf 4-Piece Kids Fork and Spoon Set

    $ 9.99

    ZAK! Disney Frozen Olaf 4-Piece Fork and Spoon Set. Add some icy-winter fun to each meal with these forks and spoons. If your Little TroubleMaker likes Frozen, then let them fall in love all over again. Its soft plastic makes...
  7. Disney Pixar Finding Dory Inflatable Ring Arm Floats and Goggles

    $ 23.99

    Get your Little TroubleMakers ready for the water with this perfect Find Dory Swim Set. Your child will be fearless as they comfortably swim - whether it be the beach, pool or whatever you choose! Your bundle includes: Finding Dory...
  8. Disney Princess Backpack with School Supplies Set

    $ 40.70

    Let your Little TroubleMaker bring out her inner princess with this Disney Princess backpack and school supplies set. With her best friends by her side, she'll be ready to create and learn everyday. She'll get her multi-pocketed backpack, lunch bag,...
  9. Disney Characters Baby Bath Robe

    $ 29.00

    Disney Cartoon Bath Robe
  10. Disney Princess Dog Tag Necklace - Under $10 Toys, Gifts and Accessories For Kids

    $ 10.00

    Under $10 Toys, Gifts and Accessories with FREE SHIPPING for your Little TroubleMaker! FREE SHIPPING on All under $10 gifts, so no need to pull out a calculator! Some could take up to 30 days delivery so please plan ahead...
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