Water Gun With Backpack Tank and Water Balloon Slingshot


$ 22.99 


Let your kids start spring and summer right with this perfect outdoors water gun and water bomb set. You'll be ready for the ultimate water fight or play day. This purchase includes:

Super Streaming Water Blaster and Water Bomb. Your water bomb set includes everything your kids need - water balloons, a water nozzle to easily fill balloons and the water slinger. Now your kids can either launch them, toss them, or sling their water balloons, a perfect set so they can rule the water fight! The super Streaming Power Water Gun is fired and charged by a pump and has 2 straps to be worn on your child's back. Two water reservoirs are worn on your child's back for longer usage before refilling. The easy release and charge pump will also make it easy to fire for a longer time. This water gun also fires up to 20ft so that you can drench your opponents.

  • Water Bomb Includes: water nozzle, water balloons and water slinger
  • Super Streaming Water Gun shoots up to 20 ft.
  • 2 reservoirs for longer usage
  • Straps onto back and is pump charged
  • Perfect for the pool, beach, or yard