Tuff Lil Squirtz Tooth Brush Center Set

Homz Bath

$ 24.99 


Now brushing your teeth will be fun for your kids. They'll be in love with their Tuff Lil Squirtz kit, and this funky tooth brush holder will keep them coming back for clean teeth. Easily prepare for your child's brushing with this full set of everything needed for their bathroom.

Included are: 2 soft bristle Toothbrushes, Aim Kids Mega Bubble Berry Tooth Paste, 30 pack of kids Tooth Flossers, and a Tuff Lil' Squirtz tooth brush holder with built in cup. Have 2 tooth brushes for both of your children or keep the second as the replacement. The soft bristles are made for maximum comfort, as are the kids flossers. Your Aim Kids Tooth Paste will help your kids fight against cavities and gingivitis. Toothpaste is 4.8 fl oz. Then get them brushing with the Lil Tuff tooth brush holder and built in cup. You can put the tooth brushes in his hands and he'll hold them for you!

  • Kids full teeth care
  • Fun toothbrush holder and cup
  • Includes: 2 toothbrushes, Aims Kids tooth paste, and kids flossers
  • Make brushing their teeth fun!
  • Ages: 4 + years