Neoprene Monkey Backpack - Waterproof


$ 39.99 

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Premium Quality Neoprene From Fabric Baby Monkey Backpacks

  • Multicolored Monkey Backpacks
  • Material: Neoprene
  • Features: Water proof
  • Size: 27cm x 16cm x 30 cm

Get your little troublemaker an adorably cute monkey companion backpack! Your little one will have the perfect kids backpack for play dates, days on the go with mommy and daddy, or for day care! All the things they'll need tuck away into these kids bags.

Perfectly crafted for comfort and durability, these bags are made from neoprene material making them water proof! Don't worry about unwanted spills or stains because now your little troublemaker can be their lively self while keeping their bag maintained. The neoprene material also makes them washable. Adjustable straps combine with one larger pocket, a smaller front pocket, and 2 mesh side water bottle holders on each side of the bag. Let your child have only the best in products!

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