Glitter temporary tattoo pens for kids and 50 stencil set


$ 24.99 

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Temporary Glitter Gel Tattoo Pens and 50 Stencil Set For Kids

  • Includes: 6 Glitter Gel Pens (Purple, Green, Blue, Orange, Violet, Black), 50 Stencil sports pack
  • Temporary glitter tattoo pens for kids safe, easy to wash off and non-toxic so you don't have to worry about a thing
  • Each pack includes tattoo stencils pack of 50 different and innovated fun designs - create your own unique designs
  • Washes off skin and clothes with soapy warm water
  • 6 glitter colors: Purple, Green, Blue, Orange, Violet, Black

This Temporary tattoo for kids purchase contains 6 glitter temporary tattoo pens for kids skin (Purple, Green, Blue, Orange, Violet, Black). These temporary tattoo pens are the perfect glitter gel pens for kids and also adults. Let their imagination run wild with these washable tattoo pens, they easily wash off skin and clothes for more than a one time use not like a henna pen which will stain the skin and any fabric. Celebrate game days with awesome designs you can easily trace on to your Little Troublemakers with the temporary tattoo stencils and glitter pens for kids we have included. Use the 50 stencils to create memorable creations and creative ways to celebrate the victories! Also keep kids safe by writing your phone numbers on your child's skin with temporary tattoo ink pens in case your child gets lost. Most Importantly, these glitter gel pens are safe to use! We know you will enjoy these temporary tattoo glitter gel pens for kids.

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