Disney Pixar Finding Dory Inflatable Ring Arm Floats and Goggles

Disney Pixar

$ 23.99 


Get your Little TroubleMakers ready for the water with this perfect Find Dory Swim Set. Your child will be fearless as they comfortably swim - whether it be the beach, pool or whatever you choose! Your bundle includes: Finding Dory Inflatable Arm Floats and Ring with Goggles. With this set of three, your child is ready to explore and have their very own underwater adventures. Keep them safe wherever they are and let them enjoy the water. All items are fit for ages 3 years and up.

  • Disney Pixar Finding Dory Swim Set
  • Includes: Inflatable Arms, Ring, Goggles
  • Goggles have comfortable elastic adjustable straps
  • Easy to inflate floaties
  • Ages: 3 years +