Polarized UV Protection Sunglasses for Kids

Little TroubleMakers

$ 24.99 

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Polarized UV Protection Bendable Sunglasses for Kids

Protect your Little TroubleMaker's eyes with these adorable polarized sunglasses. In five different colors, the options for these fun eye protecting sunglasses are made to fit your child's personality. These new lenses are an exclusive anti-ultraviolet ray film, they'll protect their eyes and resist that ultraviolet radiation. What's more, don't worry about them breaking cause these frames are meant to bend so that they can be protected against any Little TroubleMaker! Last, but not least, each frame has heart decals running along each side. Take a look at the different colors and choose which one your little one will love!
  • Ultraviolet protection
  • Bendable frames
  • Colors: Green, Yellow, Pink, Blue, Sky Blue
  • Lens: 50mm x 38mm
  • Glasses width: 120 mm
  • Ages 2 - 8 years 
  • Origin: Imported
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