Baby Peanut Scooter for Posture and Coordination

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Baby Peanut Scooter for Posture and Coordination Development 

  • Baby Peanut Scooter for Posture and Coordination Development  - Peanut Scooter is the new innovated way moms around the world are helping the Prosses of the development of not only baby posture and coordination development but also leg, ankle, and back development easier and fun for their Little TroubleMakers
  • The Baby Scooter features two settings that are designed to help your child advance most effectively Settings:

Setting 1: 4 wheels, Stable side wheels for balance and coordination
Setting 2: Remove side wheel for free-ride when you and you baby both build the                            confidence.

  • Large front and Back wheels move freely allowing your baby to learn the coordination needed to move around without having to worry about getting stuck or unable to move
  • Small side wheels are used for balance and support "think of them as training wheels on a tricycle". 
  • Dimension: 43 x 23 x 32 cm
  • Ages: 6 months - 3 years
  • Baby Peanut Scooter comes in 5 vibrant Colors: Red, Baby Blue, Yellow, White
  • Because if its size please allow up to 7- 30  business days for your package to be delivered. Please contact out Customer Service if any situations or questions should arise.

Help to teach your Little TroubleMaker coordination, balance and posture training for strong leg, ankle and back muscle development. With the help of this new innovated baby walker, your child will have the confidence to move around with independence. With the support, of their new Peanut Scooter and their mommy or daddy, your Little TroubleMaker will be supporting their development right before your eyes. There are two easy use and manage settings. For the first setting leave the balance wheels to help them ride with ease until they are ready for the balance wheels to be removed which is setting number two. Be the first to show off the newest technology to your friends and family and be prepared to deal with heads turning, people staring and other moms randomly asking 

  1. "what is that strange scooter your baby is using?"
  2. "what is it for and how does it work?"
  3. "where did you get you awesome Baby Peanut Scooter?" 

These scooters are safe, fun, and are great for your baby. So hurry and join the moms all around the world who are turning to Baby Peanut Scooter for Baby Posture and Coordination Development!



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