Mickey Mouse and Sesame Street Baby Bath Set


$ 34.99 


It's time for a perfect bath set for your beautiful Little TroubleMaker! These Sesame Street and Disney Mickey Mouse products are sure to brighten up your bath time. Don't worry about the hassle of finding all of the products you need separately, with this bundle you've found it all in one place. No matter the occasion, this set is the perfect gift for yourself or for a friend. From washing your baby with the Sesame Street washcloths - to safely using the hooded towels to wrap up your child - you'll feel confident and comfortable with your new products. The gentle lotion and oil uses a mild formula to leave your babies skin soft and moisturized. And the fun has just begun with your 2 rubber duckies! These iconic little yellow ducks are just as fun and cute as they've always been. All of these products are hypo allergenic and made with mild formulas for safe and nonirritating use. Made for ages 3 months and up.

  • Full Bath Set
  • Care: 2 Hooded Towels - 3 Washcloths
  • Bath Set Includes: Baby Oil - Powder - Night Lotion - Body Wash
  • Toys: 2 Rubber Duckies
  • Theme: Disney and Sesame Street
  • Ages: 3 months +