Remember the simple times of having a pet rock? How about digital pet Tamagotchi's that hung from our keychains? Isn’t it funny and strangely interesting how fast the evolution of toys and fun activities has come for kids? Have you ever seen a kid playing with their toy and thought to yourself "I wish that was around when I was a kid" or caught yourself yelling at a child who’s stuck in a daze playing with modern toys like an Ipad, “You know when I was a kid we didn't have Ipads". Well so have we, sometimes we just want to steal those modern toys, lock ourselves up in a secret place and experience the feeling that we once felt when we were "Little ToubleMakers" ourself.

That’s what we are all about here at Little TroubleMakers. Let us help you bring out that little TroubleMaker that’s inside of us all. We strive to help parents, grand parents, big brothers, sisters, aunts, uncels and all those who have Little TroubleMaker's in their life accomplish that feeling that we all live for. The feeling that gives us butterflies and chills and makes us want to shed tears of happiness and do a backflip. You know what we’re talking about don't you? That’s the feeling of seeing your very own special Little TroubleMaker look up at you with that smile of pure and blissful happiness.

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