Welcome to the world of Little TroubleMakers

Welcome to the world of Little TroubleMakers

Welcome to the world of Little TroubleMakers and to our first blog post!!! Wow, what a journey it has been so far. We started our crazy adventure with Little TroubleMakers, back in 2015, and as with any small business it has definitely been challenging along the way. We worked on setting up all the important bits and pieces as well as building vital relationships with our many suppliers.

We'll admit that there were a few times when we thought that we wouldn’t be able to make our dream a reality, with the many unforeseen roadblocks that came up along the way. So here we are with our online shop for kids up and running! It has not been easy but we can happily say that it has been worth every minute.

There is no turning back now and we couldn't be more proud to bring you our beautiful range of toys, fashion and everything fun! Our shop wants to offer products for kids of all ages - from newborn, infants, toddlers and older kids alike. We will also include free shipping with almost all of the products we carry.

Little by little you will get to know our characters Cara and Keiki. Cara is our little TroubleMaker boy and Keiki is our Little TroubleMaker girl. Cara loves Toys and Keiki is more of a fashionable girl. They are going to have their own voice in some blog posts, and will be part of some fun activities, ideas and free giveaways to keep the kids busy at home! There will be more than one contributor to make sure the blog is always updated, and to make sure you meet all the members of our team.

We hope you have a moment to explore our website and enjoy the amazing shopping experience we've put together, and learn more about Little TroubleMakers! We look forward to sharing our journey with you.

Best Regards from the Little TroubleMakers Team.

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