Cara's Pick Of The Week #1

Cara's Pick Of The Week #1

- Oi ! My name is Cara! I'm so excited to I get to share my favorite pick this week! 

- I did my homework and my chores all week and because I was a good little boy my mommy let me pick out one thing from my favorite store on the WHOLE INTERNET! "Little TroubleMakers!!"

- I am so excited to tell you all about it... ready to know what it is?

- This week I chose: DC Comics Magnetic Vinyl Action Figures! these action figures are so cool and fun Each figure features removable parts that have the capability of attaching magnetically to one another. With these interchangeable magnetic designs, you can create your own wacky figure. Which superhero or villain will you match with who?

DC Comics Magnetic Vinyl Action Figures
- Because I was a good boy my friends at said I can share the PROMO: 20%VINYLDC with all of my friends so you all can have your very own DC Comics Magnetic Vinyl Action Figures with 20% discount and free shipping so now you can see how cool these action figures are for yourself!
- Click any of the links, images or even click on me (Cara) to be re-directed to the DC Comics Magnetic Vinyl Action Figures product page and add it to your shopping cart and click checkout! Before placing the order make sure you enter: DISCOUNTCODE:20%VINYLD to receive 20% discount and free shipping! 
- Make sure you share with me some of the cool or silly combinations you create on our Little TroubleMakers Facebook Page!
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